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Nicotima multabilis
Asarum splendens
Geranium collinum 'tien shan withe'
Thalictrum actaefolium var. breuistyzum
Cyclamen Hederifolium 'Silver Cloud'
C. hederifolium selection with nice pure white flowers that make a atractive contrast with the silver foliage.
Arisaema thunberghii ssp. urashima
Vigourous and beautifull Japanse species with greyish-brown Spathe and finely divided foliage. 30-50cm.
Corydalis anthriscifolia Royaly purple flowering Corydalis for woodland conditions.
Smilacina tatsienensis (Maianthemum tatsienense) Springflowering shade perrenial terminal racemes with green starlike flowers.
Arisaema flavum ssp. abbreviatum A easy Arisaema for shade to semishade with shinyfoliage and lightyellow flowers. 60cm.
Arisaema ringens f. sieboldii BSWJ 551 rare form with brightgreen foliage richflowering vrom may into august. 80cm.
Asarum splendens ,Strong and vigorous Asarum with beautifully patterned foliage .brown mysterious flowers in spring. Desires a shaded spot in organic rich soil.
Lathyrus nervosus Summerflowering Lathyrus from southern South-America.
Tricyrtis latifolia Yellow flowers with brown-red spots .80cm. july-August
Corydalis siamense New pinkflowering selfseeding Corydalis with a stunning long bloomseason.
Tricyrtis formosana 'Dark Beauty good growing shade perrenial with dark richcoloured spotted flowers in september- oktober.
Tricyrtis lasiocarpa Blue flowering Tricyrtis, with thick darkgreen foliage. Flowers from september until frost!
Tricyrtis oshumiensis largeflowered Tricyrtis broad lightgreen foliage flowers in august, flowers are born in leaf axils.
Tricyrtis 'Sinonome' Very floriferous strongly brenched selection with large flowers droopy bordeaux spots on a white background.
Tricyrtis 'Togen' floriferous selection with flowers in a blend of soft pink and white. Augustus-september.
Trillium erectum Cream flowered selection of this very variable but easy grown pedicilate trillium.
Shadeperrenials in spring
Polygonatum multiflorum ramosissima Unique strongly branched multiflorum selection.
Polygonatum multiflorum ramosissima
Disporum cantoniense 'Night Heron' young foliage and stems strongly blackish purple coloured fading slowly green as temperature rises in spring.